Dear Meep users,
I am a noobie in using Meep, so what I want to write might be quite simple.
Still, I am in trouble and need a hand. I want to see how an initially
present field would decay in case of various structures such as metallic
structures with various sizes, geometries etc. To do this, I make use of
"fiel-energy-in-box" computations. I do not want a source within the run
time, what I only need is an initially defined field (which may be due to
an early initiated and then turned off source).

I have already handled writing the lattice and boundaries, the structure
geometry and dielectrics, and run and outputs. But I could not figure out
how to define an initial field. Could somebody help? I'll be grateful. I
attach the code lacking the initial fields. This code works with all of the
outputs being printed as 0. So no problem with the rest of the code. My "a"
is 100 nm.

(set! geometry-lattice
    (make lattice (size 8 8 no-size)))

(define Au (make dielectric (epsilon 1)
        (make polarizability (omega 1.0000) (gamma 4.28e-3) (sigma 1))
        (make polarizability (omega 0.0335) (gamma 0.0194) (sigma 11.380))
        (make polarizability (omega 0.0671) (gamma 0.0279) (sigma 1.1820))
        (make polarizability (omega 0.2400) (gamma 0.0703) (sigma 0.6562))
        (make polarizability (omega 0.3478) (gamma 0.2015) (sigma 2.6450))
        (make polarizability (omega 1.0760) (gamma 0.1790) (sigma

(set! geometry (list
    (make cylinder (center 0 2) (height infinity) (radius 0.5) (material

(set! pml-layers (list (make pml (thickness 1))))
(set! resolution 10)

(define (print-electric-energy) (print "" (field-energy-in-box (volume
(center 0 0 0) (size 2.4 2.4 infinity))) "\n"))

(run-until 10 (at-every 0.10 print-electric-energy))
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