Hello everyone,

I am facing a problem with ./configure after having done ./autoconfig.sh from 
the official MEEP repository.
The error is the following:
configure: error: libctlgeom was not found, is required for Python interface

I installed the libctl package from https://github.com/stevengj/libctl,
After doing so, I located the directory, where these files are:
hannes@Ubuntu:~/meep$ locate libctlgeom
...while the install folder (like mentioned on the repository page of libctl) 

Now I tried to do the following with the configure file of the meep package:
./configure -with-libctl=/usr/local/share/libctl
... but unfortunately without success. The same error occurs. Is is maybe 
because the libctlgeom.a / .la are in a different directory?
How can I solve this problem?

As I am not such a Linux expert and don't know how to proceed further, I wanted 
to ask for help this way.

Thanks a lot in advance & best regards,
Hannes Kohlmann
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