Hi there… we have a good bunch of Python Devs (among others) on long-term 
contract gigs in Melbourne delivering full-custom development and creating high 
impact stuff at nbn co. Day-to-day activities involve: data parsing/integrating 
Big Data services, network mapping, report generation …as well as helping on 
the automation side of things, making tools.

Well… We need another developer who can start either this month [August] or in 
Sept on 6m rolling contracts for the foreseeable future. If we can get it, we 
look for things like GIS, Flask, Celery, Rabbit, Flower, Network Modelling but 
I'm mainly keen on strong Python as a minimum with good SQL or hopefully 
Postgres. A penchant for being clever with algorithms/mathematics and the 
problem solving that goes into developing and consuming API's (for example) - 
connecting systems together - it's that kind of thing that we like :)

So, please feel free to pass this on. If you think of someone, I'd be happy to 
follow up straightaway and get their name in the frame. Daily rate is expected 
to be $550 - $750 dep on experience. Melbourne CBD based.

Resumes to: john.kni...@saltworth.com.au

Regards, John

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