Hi all,

My workplace is looking for an experienced Python Developer to help develop and maintain its in-house POS and Practice Management System

This is a full-time permanent role, and would be mostly working from home with face-to-face contact on-site at Mount Waverley on an as needed basis.

Full description below.

If you are interested or have questions, please email me via developer_r...@opticalsuperstore.com.au



Note: The role requires both Windows and Linux development.


Full time Applications Developer (primarily Python)

The Optical Superstore is looking to hire an experienced Python developer to join a small team to help develop and maintain the next version of its in-house Point-of-Sale and Practice Management software.

Technologies in use

The software is primarily developed in Python using PostgreSQL as the database.  The core system is a Windows Desktop application developed using PySide, but there are a collection of other technologies in use including Django, CherryPy, some Angular, and small amounts of C# and Kotlin, so familiarity with a diverse range of technologies is appreciated. Most of the core backend systems run on Linux, so being handy on a bash shell (or fish if you prefer) over ssh is definitely helpful.

Skills required

Not just coding, the role will involve all aspects of the software development process, from requirements gathering and architecture planning to development, testing and deployment.  We see being able to talk to the end users, key stakeholders and other team members as an essential part of the development process. And more than just talking, asking smart questions to uncover the real needs and requirements.

While not internet scale, there is enough data that knowing the difference between approaches that are o(n) vs o(n^2) is required. A good understanding of SQL (ideally PostgreSQL) is essential.

We need you to familiar with designing software for the long term. Parts of the legacy code base we are replacing are over 20 years old. We would hope that much of the code that is written today will still be in use in another 20 years.

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