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> ok, I've overlooked the italic text for the file name.
> Maybe the italic text is not enough as a mark? Maybe use some color?
> One other reason why I did'nt find the line ending difference was,
> because I work on larger projects with more than 150 files.
> Because of this I always switch off the "Same" filter to see only the
> few different
> files and not all the identical ones and so I miss the line ending
> differences.
> Would be nice to see files with line ending difference as "real"
> different files.
> Maybe use a option to switch this on / off?

Well... there already is an option. If you turn off the option to apply
text filters during folder comparison, then this won't happen. I admit that
it's not clear that this will do *line endings*, but it should be clear
that you're getting a filtered view with this option enabled. If someone
wants to come up with better phrasing for that option then I'd be happy to
change it.

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