On 8 August 2017 at 01:47, Jaggz H <jagg...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I frequently must go do some manual work with files, once I find
> differences.  Is there a way to copy a file's path to the clipboard?

Not directly, no. You have to click on the file selector, then
right-click on the selected file and select "Copy location".

> It
> also seems impossible to see the full path of the currently selected file.
> Perhaps we could have a toggle'able status-line which displays the currently
> selected file/folder's (in the tree view)'s path, and allows
> selection/copying to the clipboard.

I can understand what you're thinking, but honestly I think I'd be
more likely to rework our selector. We currently use a giant
GtkFileChooserButton for selection, which has limitations that
frustrate a lot of people.

There's no way I'm going to rewrite the selection widget, but I'm
somewhat amenable to splitting the interaction into two widgets for
display and selection. Basically, I'm thinking a glorified label with
a button widget next to it that launches a standard

> This status area would also display the path of the currently edited file
> when in file-diff tabs, and resolves both issues (getting the path, and
> seeing the path while working).  A mouseover of the tab might also be a good
> place to display the full paths, but unless menu items are added for "copy
> file A's path to clipboard", it would be a display-only thing.

We should display the full path in the tab mouseover, but currently
don't. I honestly can't remember whether there's a problem with
customising that display or whether the work just hasn't happened. I
don't think adding an extra menu item there is going to be practical
though, so like you say it would be display-only.

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