Hi Kai,
thanks for your response.
Your concept is very reasonable and promising, however my initial problem
was that my team lacks any online code review system and therefore I
thought Meld could become one.
Regarding your advice I should think about some simple server-based review
system and as soon as it is done try to integrate Meld with it.
For now I will think the whole idea out once again and will come back with
any advances.
Thanks for your time.


Z poważaniem,
Piotr Pałucki

2018-04-06 0:26 GMT+02:00 Kai Willadsen <kai.willad...@gmail.com>:

> On 29 March 2018 at 21:57, Piotr Pałucki <piotrek.palu...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I am quite fresh to the Meld community, so please excuse my fluffs.
> >
> > Do you think is it possible to add inline commenting, that some other
> > systems(e.g. Atlassian's Bitbucket) already have?
> > A lot of us use Meld for code reviews, so why don't move the comments and
> > remarks from separate mails to Meld natively?
> > An example of such an inline comment can be seen here:
> >
> > https://blog.bitbucket.org/2012/10/30/building-inline-
> comments-for-pull-requests-and-commits/
> >
> > I have some concepts and ideas in mind, but I would like to hear an
> opinion
> > and a high-level insights of more experienced developers.
> I'm not certain how you were envisioning the comments, etc. would move
> to Meld. I feel like the way to do this would be to have Meld become a
> client for whatever online code review system was in use, and would
> fetch and push comments to that.
> I think this is probably a *lot* of work, but I can also imagine how
> much of it would stick together. GtkTextView should do a reasonable
> job of allowing inline comments (via a child widget and a popover or
> something), so provided that the server-side API is sensible and we
> didn't want to support drafts or comments against old versions... this
> feels possible.
> cheers,
> Kai
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