Dear all,

We are increasing Nemo's social presence and will create Google+ and Facebook
fan pages. Foreseen phases:

* Write up an introductory text and review it here on ML
  ACTION: Sivan Greenberg(sivang) to follow-up
* Create page design (banner and profile images)
  Re-use existing Nemo resources from the Mer Artwork Repo [1]
  ACTION: Sivan Greenberg(sivang) to lead this
* Create a poll for a new Nemo logo/generic branding
  ACTION: volunteers needed

What can you do?
* Step up and help us out :)
* Start working on a Nemo logo/branding concepts
  such as [2] - thank you qwazix
* Stand by for more news on when the poll is ready to submit your work

Current team:
Simonas Leleiva(sledges) - just looking after :)
Sivan Greenberg(sivang)
Michael Demetriou(qwazix)

Simonas (sledges)


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