dconf is a change that has been planned for a long time.

I will be merging the dconf patches for mlite 
https://github.com/nemomobile/mlite/ fairly soon.
fairly soon = I am aiming for tomorrow.

The PR are https://github.com/nemomobile/mlite/pull/13 and

What this does is it switches mlite to dconf and dconf will be the storage 

There is a tool that will migrate the settings for the user from gconf to dconf 
upon the
next boot. I am still putting the final touches for the migration itself but I 
hope to push
it out today.

dconf will be shipped with 2 read only system databases for storing default 
 - nemo which will contain the defaults for nemomobile
 - vendor which is intended for vendors to override the nemo ones
And then the normal read and write database for storing user specific 

What is unknown to me is if the ohm gconf plugin is being used by nemo or not.
If it's used then we need to find a way to fix it and/or replace it (Which will 
the dconf land but that's fine) or we simply remove it if we don't use it.

I will also be documenting the 2/3 databases used above and how to add defaults 
the system and apps in a README.

Is the above plan fine for everybody? Does anyone know if the gconf ohm plugin 
being used ?


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