After washing and waxing the E300, I decided to see if the r134 needed a
re-charge, as the AC will work well for about 10 minutes and then lose
effectiveness.  I'd noticed last summer that there was very little fluid
visible in the sight glass.


I drove around until the AC got weak, and then the gauge only showed 90 psi
on the high pressure side.  Low pressure side shows a vacuum (can't tell how
much due to cheap gauge).  I tried to add r134 with UV dye on the low
pressure side, but it won't take very much and the high pressure side
doesn't change.  This doesn't make sense to me - I must be doing something
wrong.  When I connect the low pressure hose with the can of r134, I crack
the valve on the can tap to fill the line and get the air out, and I can
hear the gas coming out, so I'm pretty sure the valve is working.   When the
can is connected and the tap open, the can covers with frost, so some of it
is getting into the system, but the can still has a lot of liquid in the


Anyone have any advice?  Do I simply need to be more patient about letting
the r134 bleed into the system?



Very respectfully,
Max Dillon
Charleston SC
'87 300TD 333k miles

'95 E300 280k miles 

'73 Balboa 20





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