Mig welding is one of the easiest to learn, but the trick to using a mig welder 
is knowing the different settings used on the welder for the metal you are 
welding. There are different speed settings for the wire feed and heat. Some of 
the cheaper models are don't use gas and they plug right into a standard 110V 
outlet like the one you are looking at. I have used a migwelder for more than 
20 years (mines a Walker) and its one of the better investments I've made. I 
basically taught myself to use it through different jobs I had in the past. 
Most of them will have straight forward instructions on how to set it up for 
what you want to weld. Once you use it you will wonder why you didn't get one 
BTW, make sure you get a good face shield, heavy welders gloves and maybe a 
welders aprin. Been burned a few times and its not a pleasant experience.
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Anyone have an opinion on these?


I'm thinking one might be useful - but have only ever done
oxy/acetylene welding.
Is MIG welding something you can learn by doing, or should one take a class?

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