After I did a long needed valve adjustment I stumbled on a disconnected ALDA
pressure line and fixed it. The cars performance improved drastically, ~20
sec. for 0 - 100 km/hr to under 15 sec.
Now I discovered the wastegate pressure line broken off and replaced it, but
this didn't make any noticeable difference.
I have a heavy foot to get to 60 mph, but rarely exceed this speed. Maybe in
that range the wastegate function is not important.

On 11/25/05, Marshall Booth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hans Neureiter wrote:
> > A while ago a discussion revolved around the 2,000 some rubber parts
> that
> > eventual need replacement.
> > I came across one I never heard mentioned: The hose that lets the waste
> gate
> > know when to open.
> > Goes from the compressor outlet to the aneroid capsule on the waste gate
> > actuator, kind of hidden under the turbo.
> > When I changed the motor mounts, I noticed the hose was broken at the
> > wastegate connection.
> > Have no idea how long the waste gate was disabled and how important this
> may
> > be.
> Because the hose was rubber, there was a safety backup. It's called the
> overboost sensor on the intake manifold and when it's activated, fuel
> enrichment is shut off. This limits the power of the OM617.95 engine to
> about 70% of it's rated power so that the engine won't be damaged. It's
> important that primary limit be the wastegate as it provide a
> smooth/seemless control. When the engine is driven with a serious load
> at engine speeds much above 2000 rpm, the wastegate remains open most of
> the time, holding boost pressure to just under 1 bar and the engine is
> able to deliver it's full rated power. When wastegate remains closed
> however, the overboost control operates when boost exceeds 1 bar and
> there there is a sudden ~30% drop in power (from ~112 down to 80 hp in
> early 617.95 engines or from 120 down to 88 hp in later ones).
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