I used to have a very similar tester to this one--I think mine was
made by Assenmacher...or, was it a Mac--can't remember.  You do indeed
remove the injectors, and I always replace the heatshields, but I bet
you can get away with just reusing them.  I really love my new (to me)
Motometer tester, but I do wish it had the quick-release ends like the
Ebay unit has--very handy.

On 12/20/05, OK Don <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I wonder whether this adapter goes into the injector hole or the gow
> plug hole? Looks too big for the glow plug hole, but there is little
> for reference in the picture.
> If you do pull an injector for compression testing, can you just put
> it back, or do you need to replace seals, heaet shields, etc.???

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