Came across an article describing the system working in conjunction with ESP on the previous A & B Class models. I'd like to imagine that "Steering Assist" also comes into play on the new E with the standard ESP program & possibly the optional lane tracking feature, they're just choosing to market it with Distronic. Hard to say though without any technical info.....

From the article: "Steering assist is designed in a way that it supports a driver in these situations, but never dictates to the driver. The driver may override the systems’ intentions at any time."

On 4/20/2013 3:41 PM, Mitch Haley wrote:
Chris James wrote:

No, & no! Steering assist is only active when you have the Distronic
cruise activated. But it's an assist doesn't take full
control of the wheel, only making it easier to stay in your lane by
slightly varying the power assist off the center direction of travel.
It won't prevent you from trying to avoid that 2x4 or rain puddle.

So if I move the wheel just far enough to miss the pothole, it won't
guide me into the pothole?


Chris J.

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