Larry T wrote:
I must have missed the post describing the tool..  can you repost it?

This one?

My version of that would be such:
(new modification for easier use)
2" 1/4-20 bolt
1" or 1-1/8" fender washer
1" PVC cap with hole drilled for 1/4 bolt
1/4-20 nut

place fender washer on bolt followed by new shifter bushing. Slide bolt through bushing opening on the shifter arm. Place PVC cap and 1/4-20 nut onto end of bolt to create a sandwich around the shifter arm. The idea is that tightening the bolt/nut will push the bushing into the arm. The PVC cap creates space where the bushing can be pushed by straddling the opening.

Is that more clear?

Luther   KB5QHU    Forest Park, IL
'98 ML320 "Max" (167,xxx mi)

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