Actually meant to write, "without the special tool" I use a screwdriver and ordinary pliers from memory. You have to put one side in and then squash up the other to get it to pop in.

who is not the six million dollar man

On 12/07/13 07:58, Larry T wrote:
Wow Hendrik!! You must have fingers like steel traps!! Got some Bionic parts in there, Huh?

Actually I replaced them on my W123 but I cannot remember how I actually got it/them to pop into place.... Can't believe the W124 is significantly worse than the W123? The ones on my 240D lasted more than 250,000 miles...

91 30oD

On 7/11/2013 2:52 AM, Hendrik and Fay wrote:
I've always managed to get those suckers in without tools, fiddly but doable.

whose plastic thingies are in good shape, last time I looked

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