I don't think high temps at speed is a bad fan clutch, once you're up to speed 
the ram air through the radiator means the fan isn't doing a whole lot.
High temps at low speeds is possibly the fan clutch...


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All I could see for the 190s is the all electric fan, no clutch 
there at all.

Have been having slightly higher then normal temps in the summer 
ever since I did a cooling system flush and installed a new 
thermostat (up to 100 at first and 110 now in Fl with AC at high 
speeds or around town with heavy traffic). My thought actually 
was to try a new thermostat since that is the most likely suspect 
(not opening far enough?). It was brand new from Rusty so I put 
less of an emphases on that and thought more of the fan clutch 
especially since it has been getting worse in the past year or 
more. Wish I hadn't thrown away the old thermo so I could put it 
in now.
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