I wondered why they didn't put electric clutches on the larger engined cars. They are pretty neat & perhaps offer better control of engine temps with a defined on-off signal from the temp switch.

Looked at a W116 300SD for sale once. The owner said he had bolted the fan to the clutch?, so it turned all the time. Not sure that's such an ideal fix though.

Hopefully a new clutch will help. Just looked at new OE MSRP for your 617, whoa!

On 7/13/2013 7:49 AM, MG wrote:
All I could see for the 190s is the all electric fan, no clutch there at

Have been having slightly higher then normal temps in the summer ever
since I did a cooling system flush and installed a new thermostat (up to
100 at first and 110 now in Fl with AC at high speeds or around town
with heavy traffic). My thought actually was to try a new thermostat
since that is the most likely suspect (not opening far enough?). It was
brand new from Rusty so I put less of an emphases on that and thought
more of the fan clutch especially since it has been getting worse in the
past year or more. Wish I hadn't thrown away the old thermo so I could
put it in now.

Then again it could have been some crud that got into the radiator from
the engine during the flush.

The whole idea with the electric clutch is just that it's a neat-o cool
thing to have on an engine ( well in my confused mind anyway, no
accounting for tastes is there). That said I do have a new thermo and
clutch on the way but still am in want with the electric clutch thing. :-)


Chris J.
MBCA Peachtree section
Past MB Models:
'85 190D 2.2, '94 E420, '87 260E

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