On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 01:04:34PM -0800, Jim Cathey wrote:
> Anyway, with the engine all reassembled I put the new propane fittings
> on and hooked up the tank.  The motor fired right up, which was good.
> _Unfortunately_, the head is _still_ leaking in the middle of the
> exhaust manifold side.  Sigh.  I suppose the next step is to pull
> the head again and use the spray copper gasket goo.  This is
> really getting old.

Have you looked at the surface of the head really close to make sure there
aren't any cracks in it? Does the gasket match exactly the coolant passages
from block to head? Was there any evidence that whomever assembled the engine
before used a light dusting of RTV on one of the coolant passages?


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