At this point, it sounds like there may be a crack in the head or block.
Perform a dye penetrant check and see if you find anything.

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> Have you looked at the surface of the head really close to make sure 
> there
> aren't any cracks in it? Does the gasket match exactly the coolant 
> passages

I didn't see any, but I'm no expert.  I can certainly look again
when I take it off.  Again.  Water weeps out the head gasket, I
can see it coming out when the engine is running.  But less than
last time, for whatever that's worth.

> from block to head? Was there any evidence that whomever assembled the

> engine

Gasket looks to mate fine.

> before used a light dusting of RTV on one of the coolant passages?

No sign, the old gasket came out clean.

This is really frustrating.

-- Jim

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