The Pope is staying at your friend's home also? Holy Genuflection!

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Have to share this with y'all. My German penpal, Paul, invited me to visit him for two weeks in September this year. I can stay on his couch, so airfare and spend money is all I need. Awesome. He has a Ford Escort :-( but is gung ho on seeing not only the sights in Regensburg (where he lives) and Bavaria, but is dedicated to get me to Sindelfingen, the musueum at Untertuerkheim and the classic center in Fellbach.

 Wunderbar - can't wait!

The Pope will be there at the same time (he's Bavarian) and we are both Catholic, so this should be quite an experience!

Will post pics of MB related stuff for y'all afterwards on my picture blogger. And will keep in touch with the list while I'm gone.


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