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 Of course, a 617.952 in a 123.133 chassis (3515lb) ought to be faster
 than a 617.951 in a 126.120 chassis (3625lb), if it's raw acceleration
 you're after. Then the 240D can be used for chassis parts.
 I prefer the 126 over the 123 though --- -- -

I'd heard things about SDs being slower than Ds being slower than CDs, but the weights of the cars are not a whole lot different. Although I could get away with using a coupe most of the time, I've found I really appreciate the cavernous trunk and stretch-out-in-the-back-seat passenger room of the SD rather frequently, not to mention all the other chassis and interior amenities and the bigger brakes. I find SD performance and handling surprisingly good--it's a very well-balanced car that can be pushed very hard, on rough, twisting roads, with confidence and comfort. For autocrossing, you'd probably be a bit ahead with a CD. For real-life use and road driving, though, I've found the SD to be very satisfying--Especially since you can generally pick up one for CHEAPER than a coupe, all else being equal.

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