Really? Assuming this guy is telling the truth (I know that is a big
assumption) he says it does not use ANY oil in 3000 miles.  Could this
one be lucky?  Or is it just a matter of time?


Don Snook 


Kaleb wrote:


"yea, will be needing valve guides and seals soon.  Just comes down to 

price though."


Donald Snook wrote:


> I found a VERY nice 1990 300SEL and am buying it. 122K miles -- 

> perfect condition, TONS of maintenance records, major suspension 

> overall done less than 20,000 miles ago.




> I have been scouring Ebay, Edmunds, my local paper, etc to find a 

> really nice 126.  I wanted an 87 300SDL but a low mileage version is 

> priced WAY too high and the ones that are reasonably priced are turds.

> I am sure there are exceptions to this blanket statement, but that is 

> what I have found.  Because I couldn't find a diesel version, I took a

> leap of faith and got a gasser.




> Here is a list of everything the PO has done in the last 18 months.




> New hood star, grille insert, headlight doors, and emblem (installed 

> by me). New steering shock.

> New valve cover gasket. 

> Complete front brakes (calipers, pads, rotors, fluid lines, front

> bearings). 

> Recent Bridgestone tires. 

> Thermostat housing and thermostat. 

> Blaupunkt San Diego CD32 CD/Radio. 

> Vacuum pump (for door locks). 

> Shifter bushings. 

> Brake fluid pipes to rear brakes. 

> New shock absorbers. 

> Flex disk on drive shaft. 

> A/C - new auxiliary fans, dryer, hose from dryer to expansion valve. 

> Headlight wiper blades. 

> Alignment, front pads at 102K. 

> New thrust arm bearings (left & right). 

> New lower ball joints and ABS sending units (left & right). 

> New tie rod assemblies (left & right). 

> New upper control arms (left & right). 

> New center link. 

> New transmission cooler lines. 

> New lower control arm bushings (left & right). 

> New thrust arm mount bushings (left & right). 

> New radiator. 

> New A/C compressor clutch. 

> New windshield wiper transmission 

> New alternator




> I can't really see anything else this car might need.  Any 

> suggestions?




> Donald H. Snook


> 1990 300SEL 122K arriving shortly.



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