As I recall the throttle switch on the US models make/break contact for idle
and for WOT. The WOT is to cut off the AC unit. 

I have no idea about the valve you are talking about unless it is an early
version of the EHA? 

As far as the throttle switch, connect the two wires together and see if it
idles better. 

My 560SEL has some strange idle problems. Specifically it idle lows, and I
have swapped idle control and actuator with known good ones with no change.
I also have the surge at low speeds, and the throttle switch appears to
check out. Additionally the car has a miss at low engine speeds. I was
contributing the miss to maybe a leaking injector or the low idle. However I
am not sure. Yes I have new plugs, cap, rotor, and wires. Next is to replace
coil, and then injectors.

For the idle problem I am thinking about building a new controller which
will compensate for worn actuators. Maybe I will also build a MSD box for
the ignition system too. 


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OK, slowing working out the little bugs with the euro 5.0 in the US 380. 
   I figured out this thing has a throttle position sensor which is 
located under the air meter deal, fuel distributor etc right on the side 
of the throttle body.  The euro engine has a wire with a flat 2 lead 
connector, the US car and another US car I have here has a round 3 lead 
connector for the sensor.  I have a high idle of 900-1K rpm and am 
assuming this is probably the cause.  I also seem to have a very slight 
surge when maintaining the same speed going down the road which also 
leads to this.  Anyways, Im assuming Im going to have to swap the 
sensors.  Any way of doing this short of removing the whole injection 

Thinking about taking the whole thing off anyways and putting the US 
version back on.  On the US version there is a wire that is supposed to 
hook up to some sort of valve just to the left of the fuel dist.  There 
is a small fuel line that comes out of the fuel dist that goes to this 
valve with the electrical connection, then if goes back out of this 
valve and around to another valve on the back of the fuel dist that has 
a vacuum connection on it.  From there I think it goes to the warm up 
regulator but cant remember off hand. The euro motor does not have this 
setup with that valve and therefor the wire is not hooked to anything 
for it.  Anybody know what this is for and what it causes when not 
hooked up?  Think I should put the US stuff on the euro motor or just 
swap the throttle sensor and leave it at that?  With the US injection 
parts on the euro motor, will it decrease the power?  Im sure nobody 
will know much about this since this is sort of new territory but 
thought I would ask.
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