Greetings W123 fans and Club 123D interested parties:

This is essentially an advertisement for USA's only-known (so far) full-fledged automobile club EXCLUSIVELY for W123 chassis cars known as "Club 123D" It's posted in the spirit of general W123 chassis enthusiast interest, and very pertinant to W123 interest abroad in regards to proven efforts of serious W123 enthusiasm and activity in our little corner of the world. This is being stated clearly upfront in effort to avoid any offense. The following also contains references to check the status of previous responses from others met on the internet. Please understand the net is a vital tool for contacting far and few between auto enthusiasts on a small budget. Thank you, and please continue reading as desired.

United States Residents:

I haven't been on the net much lately, I've been trying to exercise discipline from the addictive temptation in effort to finally produce the overdue Club 123D newsletter. Now I can finally declare it has been finished, and completely ready to go! To speed things up, I resigned to write a shorter, 4 page letter. It inevitably became 6 anyway. Two pages are a special essay that provides an abridged background on how and why I became so hung up on the W123 chassis
to the point Club 123D was started.
The other 4 pages, upon review, I was very unsatisfied with, so I threw it all out and started over. Now the letter is a more proper issue with less reiteration, and the essay will serve as an insert only to be included with new initiating membership application kits. This newsletter is the 7th produced to date.

Now that I'm satisfied with the latest production, the mailings will begin this week! Members' Club Logo decals will be included!

This major chore finished, I'm announcing the limited continuation of the membership promotions planned to end with 2005.

The free one year trial new memberships for MO and IL residents are being extended until February 10, 2006. (A $50 value)

To show greatest appreciation for the 5 "national" (all the other 48 US states) members who joined in 2005, all 5 memberships (the ONLY membership revenue collected so far) are being extended for 2006 renewal at no charge, and will remain active until the anniversary date of 2007. Thank you all very much for hanging in there with us though this developing time.

To offer a fair incentive to new national members we hope to gain, all returned applications (with member fee) will receive
a second year of membership at no charge as well.

To get in on the final action of this offer:
We handle these matters in the old-fashioned, traditional way. To join our club and get on our exclusive physical mailing list as a registered Club 123D member you must send your name, model, and a physical mailing address in the USA we can send your materials to. Enclosed will be the latest newsletter, the essay, an application, a copy of the most recent published Club 123D policy and bylaws, an issue of our odd limited production "art," and a SASE for ultimate convience. The application is effectively formulated for ease with highlights for required fields, yet allows the inclusion of finer details of your car you can include in your registry record as you desire. All offer-qualifying membership applications and fees must be postmarked no later than Friday, February 10, 2006. This leaves about 3 weeks, plenty of time for even snail-mail to make it to you and back. Especially since all you would need to do is review the materials, fill out a few things about you and your car, enclose the application and your check, money order, bank draft or the like in the convienent SASE, and toss in mailbox! All personal information is kept under strict control, as demonstrated in the lists below. (Actually this is as about public as we've ever been)

Here is a list of all pending membership requests we have on file, scheduled to be mailed out THIS WEEK. Identified by only First name, last initial, city and state. If you made a request yet are not on this list, it may have been lost amongst the various e-mail boxes and private message boxes of the various forums I participate in . All efforts are made to reply to all emails and membership kit requests and we intend to ignore no one. If for some reason you have been left out, please let me know.

Bill G Norwak, OH
Bob R Litchfield, AZ
Edward D San Antonio, TX
Eric R Maplewood, MO
J. Michael S Madison, Indiana
Joel B New Salem, ND
Keith W Sedro-Woolley, WA
Len N Port Republic, VA
Mario P Palo Alto, CA
Mathieu Lawrenceville, GA
Mike S Boise, ID
Mustapha S Cape Girardeau, MO
Nathan C Sacramento, CA
Rich S El Segundo, CA
Tony S Sedalia, MO

Below is a list of previous membership requesters on file that have been accomodated. If for some reason you are not on this list either, or ARE on the list and have not received the materials sent to you, please contact us with your continued interest and verification of your physical mailing address, and the necessary materials will be sent to you. Thanks to all of you listed below for taking time
to request and review an example of our Club's publications.

Arthur A Forbestown, CA
Bill G Chester, MA
Brian C Portland, ME
Bryan F K Newnan, GA
Chris B Suwanee, GA
Dave K Newport, RI
David H Redwood City, CA
Don Q Olivette, MO
Donald P Clayton, MO
Earl T Maryland Heights, MO
Gerard H San Diego, CA
Glen B Okwaville, IL
Jerry H San Diego, CA
Joe R Sumner, IL
Joseph M Houston, TX
Justin T Louisville, KY
Len S Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Lou   House Springs, MO
Louis V Lyndhurst, NJ
Mack R Shawnee, OK
Mark K Oxnard, CA
Matt G Livingston, NJ
Meade D Mount Pleasant, SC
Mr. Adams Clayton, MO
Nick W Hastings, MN
Paul A Covington, LA
Paul R Carmel, NY
Pierre H Rockledge, FL
Ray C Edwardsville, IL
Raymond T Cypress, CA
Roy B Petersburg, IL
Tom B Charleston, SC
Tom H Naples, FL
William A Ahoskie, NC

Below is the most recent list of Membership Kit requesters which have resulted in a Club 123D membership. This does not include the majority of local memberships which resulted from referral, personal solicitation, a local MBCA newsletter ad, and a car show display. To all those listed below we express our sincerest thanks for your registries, and look forward to
the future.

Al C Norwell, MA
Allan E Briarwood, NY
Bill Y Manchester, MO
Joe S Dallas, TX
Phil H Brooklyn, IA
Skip P Greenwich, CT
Stu W Jacksonville, IL

(Sales Pitch Paragraph following)
Boosting membership is an important priority and adding to the registry is crucial. This really is a limited promotion used to coax those to "take a chance on sending in dues to a new club", a matter where reserved caution is understandable. Considerable efforts have been made for almost four years to establish a proven foundation of being the real deal, and no need of future "proving promotions" (other than the fufillment of our complimnetary, no obligation "membership application kits and sample" requests) are forseen as necessary now that we have established a proven foundation. It's been observed that in our single digit member days, little was thought of the significance of low member numbers. Now when member 40 meets member 4, it provides clues to both how far we have come. Member numbers are issued on a first-come, first serve basis, and once a membership has expired a certain amount of time, the number is retired and never re-assigned. Each program, (local and national) has a separate numbering series. Local numbers assigned: 43 National numbers assigned: 5. This may multiply over the next year, and we just want to point out this opportunity to be amid our earliest registries.

I don't make an excessive habit of blatent advertising all over forums, and to be honest I'll be glad when the self-obligating
promotion incentive program is over, it will make my job easier.

If you have any questions on these matters, please send correspondence to [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Thank You.

W123 Owners outside of the USA

We unfortunately are not able to offer any services outside of our country, but wish to fully recognize the followings and enjoyment of W123 activity from all around the world, and have dedicated a section of our home website: to displaying some of your great photos of your car from wherever you call home. We have a few entries so far, and look forward to many more. If you have nice photos of your cherished W123, please send them to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with at least your first name, town, country, and whatever your want to tell us about your car. You can preview our international gallery at There is no risk or obligation, the reason we ask that you send the photos (versus just grabbing them off the internet) is for clear peace of mind that we have permission to use the photos for our website. It's important to us to try and keep all materials posted on to be our property or used with permission. Our site also bears many links of various worldwide activity as well. W123 is a true global car, and few models enjoy such worldwide enthusiasm, and here is a chance to represent the W123s
in your country, so let's make the most of it!

For these matters, please send correspondence to [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Thank You.


Vincent J Layton III
Club 123D President
MBCA Member, Gateway Section
MBCA W123 Chassis Forum co-moderator
Webmaster of
Webmaster of

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