One last thing and I'll shut up, the analysis is so easy the "hassle and 
expense" is laughable. Remember you do it 3-5 times which shows you the 
duration that the oil is viable.
You contact Larry and give him $60, he sends you 3 bellows bottles. You put the 
tube down the dipstick hole, crush all the air out of the bottle and then suck 
up a sample. Put on the cap, put it in a baggie, fill out the paperwork, put 
the bottle/baggie in the prepaid mailer and then drop it in the mail. Later he 
emails you results and sends a paper copy in the mail. Couldn't possibly be 
easier unless somebody did it for you.

I wish I could find the post on TDIclub where they talked about the oil being 
more abrasive than it ought to at first but I can't. When I find it again I'll 
let you know. Interestingly if you try googling around theres quite the rift. 
Many of the car sites like Edmunds are pushing people away from the 3,000 mile 
oil change but theres several shop pages pushing people back to it. The later 
are suggesting that cars are sludging up and failing because of infrequent oil 
changes. What they aren't saying is that extended OCI on conventional oils or 
cars that require synthetic is probably they cause...


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Subject: Re: [MBZ] Mobil 1 $23 at Wally World

I am changing about every 5k-6k and I'm perfectly happy with that.  If the oil 
hasn't "broken in" (and I would like to see the citations for these claims) by 
then it's not going to.

For almost 25 years I worked with industrial diesels with 1000s of HP that had 
sumps well beyond 100 gallons.  Almost every one of them was changed on a 
calendar basis, only a few were changed based on oil analysis.  I'm not saying 
there's anything wrong with oil analysis, in fact, when done properly it can 
provide a wealth of information about the engine.  In the stationary engine 
business, about the only people who do oil analysis are those who have an 
aggressive maintenance program that pays close attention to everything, and/or 
those running engines in prime power (continuous) operation.  Everyone else 
does it every two years or so.

Quite frankly, I don't care to do it and I don't want the additional hassle and 
expense.  I'll just change mine on the intervals I'm happy with and continue 
on.  And yes, we could argue that I would save money in the long run, but I'm 
not that interested in doing so.  I'm just more comfortable with changing the 
oil and filter out at the mileage or time I think is appropriate.


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