Not sure I understand. Every industrial engine sampling program I ever ran was 
sampled on a regular schedule.

I understand the baseline concept, but in the programs I worked with we would 
sample several times a year to determine the oil condition to determine when it 
was exhausted and should be changed.


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> On Jul 16, 2014, at 6:34 PM, Curt Raymond <> wrote:
> You know you don't continue with the samples right? You get a good baseline 
> and then continue with your OCI...
> Plus this gives you a baseline so you know whats inside your engine...
> -Curt
> From: Dan Penoff <>
> To: Curt Raymond <> 
> Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 6:18 PM
> Subject: Re: [MBZ] Mobil 1 $23 at Wally World
> I just did the math on this and it doesn't make sense. Here's what I'm 
> thinking:
> 7.5 quarts of oil = $34.50
> Oil filter = $10.00
> Oil change total = $44.50
> Twice a year = $89.00
> Oil change = $44.50
> Oil samples = $60.00
> Once a year oil change + samples = $104.50
> I could dink around with the frequencies of samplings and changes, but let's 
> say you do it over a year as shown above. You're spending more than two oil 
> changes. Push it out to 18 months and the difference is marginal at best.
> The numbers just don't add up or make sense to me.
> Dan
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>> On Jul 16, 2014, at 5:55 PM, Curt Raymond <> wrote:
>> One last thing and I'll shut up, the analysis is so easy the "hassle and 
>> expense" is laughable. Remember you do it 3-5 times which shows you the 
>> duration that the oil is viable.
>> You contact Larry and give him $60, he sends you 3 bellows bottles. You put 
>> the tube down the dipstick hole, crush all the air out of the bottle and 
>> then suck up a sample. Put on the cap, put it in a baggie, fill out the 
>> paperwork, put the bottle/baggie in the prepaid mailer and then drop it in 
>> the mail. Later he emails you results and sends a paper copy in the mail. 
>> Couldn't possibly be easier unless somebody did it for you.
>> I wish I could find the post on TDIclub where they talked about the oil 
>> being more abrasive than it ought to at first but I can't. When I find it 
>> again I'll let you know. Interestingly if you try googling around theres 
>> quite the rift. Many of the car sites like Edmunds are pushing people away 
>> from the 3,000 mile oil change but theres several shop pages pushing people 
>> back to it. The later are suggesting that cars are sludging up and failing 
>> because of infrequent oil changes. What they aren't saying is that extended 
>> OCI on conventional oils or cars that require synthetic is probably they 
>> cause...
>> -Curt

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