All of my (previous) MB Diesels with at or over 200,000 miles were sampled,
and determined that at 15,000 mile change intervals they could go another
3-5k miles due to soot level. All other elements were in tolerance as well.
Bear in mind that they leaked enough oil that there were several quarts
added between changes. The plus side was that my driveway was always nice
and black and shed water like a duck's back.

On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 7:52 PM, Scott Ritchey via Mercedes <> wrote:

>  Obviously, a worn Diesel will allow a lot
> more soot to get in the oil so maybe sampling would allow extended change
> intervals for a new tight engine.  My one remaining Diesel car may have a
> tight engine but it is far from new and my use of that car is inconsistent.
> So I change by miles or calendar (annual), whichever comes first, and skip
> sampling.  If I drove a lot of miles on that car I might have a different
> strategy.
> Scott

OK Don

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