Dan Penoff via Mercedes wrote:
I change every 5k.

Yeah, I know, I know.  Cheap insurance and we're typically talking about twice 
a year for each car if that.

Since the climate down here is nasty a good part of the year, I'm sure the oil 
takes a beating as it is. I'm sure I could go longer, but every six months is a 
good interval any way.

You talking about freezing weather, short trips that don't get the oil hot enough to force out the H2O, dusty dirt roads, etc?

I suppose FL humidity combined with trip distances under 2 miles could be hard on the oil, but other than that, it should be far kinder to the oil than, say, Wisconsin. Current M1 might not hold up under heat as well as 1970's near-pure PAO M1, but nobody really needs 400°F+ heat resistance for their S500's oil.



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