Curt Raymond via Mercedes wrote:
I'm gonna call shenanigans. Nobody has ever been able to prove that anything 
has changed with M1. The samples I took last year look just like the ones I 
took in 2006 and say the oil is good to at least 10k in my 190D.

The talk I heard was shortly after the Castrol Syntec legal actions in the 1990s. Once Castrol/Quaker State got the FTC to back off on requiring them to actually put synthesized molecules in the bottles labeled 'synthetic', then everybody started copying their business model.

The funny thing was that in 1992, black bottle Syntec was marketed as a premium product, sold for $5 a quart when M1 was $4 a quart and it was somewhat common to see M1 on sale for $2.99. I got Syntec for less than M1 after rebate in 1992 or 1993, found that me car suddenly 'used' oil with the Syntec in the sump. Had to add a quart after 2000 miles or so. Took out the 5w50 Castrol, put in 5W30 M1, and consumption went back to 1/2 qt in 7500 miles. At the time I wondered if the Syntec cooked down or evaporated, and I never used it again. With the FTC action a few years later, I was convinced that heat caused a reduction in volume of Syntec that didn't happen with M1.

When I look back on that $0.999 premium gas and $3.99 Mobil One, I realize what a bargain it would be to get the same quality M1 today for $23 per 5 quarts when premium gas is $3.75.



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