Finally heard back from the owner.  Here's what he tells me:

He got the car from the original owner.  It had been parked for a couple of 
years after being run out of fuel.  Wouldn't start or run when he got it.

He replaced the fuel pump and filter and put fresh fuel in the tank.  Fuel pump 
builds up pressure and turns off.  Car will start and idle, but when you 
attempt to drive (load) the engine, it dies.

He thinks the fuel strainer may be clogged up, but isn't interested in putting 
any more time into it.  He says the hose from the strainer to the pump looks a 
little rough, and he's wondering if there might be some air leaks there.  He 
got the car from the original owner either for free or very little from what I 
can tell, so it has just been a project to tinker with.  He doesn't know MBs 
and seems obsessed about the original owner paying "more than $60,000 for it 
new in 1984!!"

This does not seem to be an effort to pump up the price, just some sort of awe 
that a car would have cost that much in the day.

I was going to run over to Harbor Freight and pick up a fuel pressure tester, 
but theirs says it doesn't work on Bosch or CIS-Jetronic. Is this the case?

It definitely sounds like a fuel delivery issue, as he says as they have 
tinkered with it there have been times when it could be driven at 20-30 MPH 
without a problem, then after being parked for a day it wouldn't do more than 
idle, that is, when loaded it would stumble and miss.  I'm still going to take 
a jumper for the fuel pump relay, but I don't think that's the issue.

Interior is said to be very good, with the stitching on the top of the back 
seat coming loose (nothing new there) and the exterior having a nickel-sized 
spot of rust bubble in front of the passenger side rear wheel well.

Let's hear those ideas, guys!  I nee some direction so I'll know what to look 
for when I get up there tomorrow night!



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