I always try to take a copy of the CL ad with me. If there is a serious 
disconnect between it and the actual car, I ask the seller to read it to me and 
point out the attributes they describe in the ad.

In this case the seller said the car had been garaged all of its life.

The roof paint was badly faded and the clear coat was gone.  I asked him if he 
looked at this car would he believe it had been garaged all of its life.

That was when I got the, "It's a $1000 car, what did you expect?"

I told him what my expectations were that I expected people to be truthful, and 
that I thought that was fair and realistic.

"But it was garaged all of its life!"

I just turned and left at that point. There was no reason to continue.  He said 
nothing as I left, I'm sure because he knew I was right.

My search continues. New post on another car coming....


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> On Jul 22, 2014, at 10:29 PM, "WILTON" <wilt...@nc.rr.com> wrote:
> 'Reminds me of the 124 that I drove to York, SC, to see 10 years ago before I 
> bought the "showroom" one I have.  Seller lied in ad and on phone about 
> condition, and I drove 260 miles one way (overnighted at daughter's home in 
> Charlotte).  'Found interior grossly stained and stenched with tobacco smoke 
> and IP leaking like a sieve, plus bunch of other stuff.  'Told me, "New tires 
> all around."  Tires were well-worn and no 2 alike.  etc., etc.
> Wilton


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