A couple weeks ago a guy on BW puts a 1993 400SEL up for sale. He wants $3500. 
Full records, second owner, 210k miles, southern car, etc.  From the photos, 
and he posts a lot of them, the car looks really nice. Warts? It's got a CEL. 
He doesn't know what it is, but the car drives fine. He wants his asking price, 
but if he can't get it there are some people who want to trade him a Subaru, 
small truck, etc., etc.  He isn't under pressure to sell but he needs the 
driveway space, blah, blah, blah.

In other words, he wants to dump the car while trying to make everyone think 
it's worth more than it is.

A few days go by and no responses to his post.

I ask him why he doesn't get the CEL checked out, as that could be a good 
reason why people are leery of the car.  His response is that he doesn't want 
to pay a local indie an hour of labor to read the codes. I point out to him 
that he can read the codes himself (this car has the LED thingy in the engine 
compartment) and send him a link to a page that describes how to do it and what 
the codes mean.

He comes back and says something about the EGR and holding the transmission in 
second.  Both of these are minor issues in a W140. No biggie.

A couple of other forum members jump in and suggest (nicely) that this is a 
$2000 car in their markets, which it is. Nice car, but the CEL and mileage are 
both things that would scare off the average buyer.  I chime in and concur.

He responds with more of the, "You won't find cars like this in my area" 
(Johnson City, TN) and, "There are a bunch of people who want to trade me xxxxx 
for it but I really want the cash."

Yeah, right.

Next he posts something about the AC having stopped working (the car had an 
evaporator replaced a couple of years ago.)  When he turns it on, the 
compressor chirps and that's it. Could be any number of issues.

I come back and suggest he run the AC diagnostics and point him to a link with 
the process. He comes back the next day and says he couldn't understand the 
codes, blah, blah, blah.  Lots of excuses, little substance.

So at this point he retreats and stops responding to posts.  It's obvious the 
people on BW aren't going to provide any sympathy....

So last week he posts the car in the "For Sale" forum (it had previously been 
in the W140 forum.). Same garbage about how great it is, all the trades he's 
been offered, etc.  now he's asking $2800.

Within a day the post drops off the front page. He posts a few more pictures to 
bump it.

It falls off the page again and is out of sight for a day or two.

Last night he bumps it, saying he's got to get it out of the driveway and he's 
accepting "reasonable offers".

I send him a PM and offer him $1800 with the offer good for 24 hours. After 
all, it's a $2000 car in my market....

No response. Something tells me I'm not going to get one.....


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