CA likes to hold cars hostage if the registration isn't current, no matter what 
the reason.

When I bought my 1962 300SE out of a CA estate, I ended up using a bogus title 
service to get it clear of the nearly $2k in back fees CA wanted before they 
would release the title.


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> On Jul 24, 2014, at 1:57 PM, Mitch Haley <mi...@mitchellhaley.com> wrote:
> Dan Penoff via Mercedes wrote:
>> I hate the flat multi-hole wheels and would much rather have bundts, but you 
>> take the good with the bad.  Note that it has California plates. That's not 
>> good, as CA is a total PITA to get registrations and titles from.
> I hope it has current CA plates, or somebody might have to pay the back 
> registration fees before the title will be released.
> OTOH, my nephew-in-law drove around on expired CA plates for many years in 
> multiple states before moving back to CA. When they moved back to CA a couple 
> of years ago, his VIN didn't show up as having any debts against it. 
> Apparently it had been too many years for it to still be in the computer.
> Mitch.


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