That is insightful, as some time ago when I was looking for a car for the 
youngest son I seriously considered both Jettas and Passats.  Nearly every used 
one I looked at had issues or a history of lousy maintenance (if any.)

My brother owned an early 2000s Passat that he bought new.  It was a PITA from 
a parts standpoint, especially with window regulators for some reason.  He got 
to the point where he just kept his right rear window wedged in place, as they 
replaced I don't know how many regulators.  The worst part was that when they 
did fail, none were to be found in the States and they had to come from 
Germany.  Often took 2-3 weeks or more.

Too bad, as I like the Passat.


On Jul 26, 2014, at 8:01 AM, LarryT via Mercedes <> wrote:

> Wow - that's really interesting -- that VW owners are so uncaring about the 
> upkeep of their cars.   I wonder if they were leases or owned?   Of course 
> the data to be analyzed is pretty extensive. IMO most car shoppers are 
> interestied oin one thing - "what's my ,onthly payment?"  Advertisers pounce 
> on this also - watch some car commercials and all the push is ""only 
> $199/onth!"  and on and on --  and when the shoppers show up they don't hear 
> residuals, interest rates, etc - alll the noral things people should be 
> interestied in when making a major Lease or purchase.    Your cousins 
> experience proves this out - unfortunately.   Our spiral down to becoming a 
> "throw away society".
> So,  a CDI?   Are you pretty comfortable with the build quality?
> LarryT


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