The guy that has done mine (not any of my MBs, of course!) is a veteran indie 
mechanic that I trust.  He's got the machine and been trained in its proper 
use.  He says it does a great job getting all of the ATF out of the system and 
does it in a way that it won't damage anything.

No way I would let one of the Jiffy Lube crew touch a system like that in any 
of my cars.  I'll let them change the oil in my non-MBs but that's the extent 
of the contact I allow from them.


On Jul 26, 2014, at 7:55 PM, Mitch Haley via Mercedes <> 

> Just my personal opinion, but nobody hooks up a 'transmission flush' machine 
> to any car I own. I have no trust in those machines and less trust in the 
> people wielding them.
> If I want to change the fluid without a TC drain plug, I do something I saw 
> in a factory Ford manual in the 1990s: Drain the pan and change the filter, 
> throw a gallon of fresh fluid in the pan, unhook a cooling line at the 
> radiator and let it idle in park until the clean fluid starts coming out of 
> the hose.
> Mitch.


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