In fact, I happen to think (and I'm sure Jim will disagree strenously
here), that straight-across trunk lids, especially those with
pronounced curved edges leading down from the decklid to the seal (as
on a BMW 2002), look silly.   Like the car is pulling a pirate's
treasure chest on a trailer.

Rrrrr, matey!  My faaavorite feature.

The low-access trunks, in order to give you enough clearance
to actually get into the things, open to near vertical.  Which
means that the trunk opening can't be too big or you wouldn't
be able to reach it to close it.  Which makes in all for a
nasty squatty little hole of a trunk with a limp-wristed
tiny little lid with an awkward closing action.  Ugh.

Low-access also means that crap will roll out of it if you
ever need to leave the lid open to carry something large.

-- Jim

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