sorry to pipe in here, but 2k seems way too high to me for one of those. IT should have already had new tires for that kind of money unless its just showroom nice

Donald Snook wrote:

Rick Knoble wrote:
"1992 Olds 98 Regency 121K FOR SALE CHEAP

How much for the geezer-mobile?"
$2000.  The dealership selling it wanted $3995 (which I admit is
insane). I bought it for $2K.  I also put brand new tires on it (less
than 3K miles on them now) replaced front brakes (pads AND new rotors),
changed tranny fluid, and replaced the outside temperature sensor. It is
good car. It is NOT sexy to look at (if you are under 70). VERY nice
interior. I can email pics later if anyone is really interested. Selling it for $2k means I am losing money, but no sense in keeping it.
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