I had a buzzing problem upon starting attempt with the GPR in my '84 300D back 
in March, took it apart resoldered the PCB, lightly sanded the contact points, 
and cleaned the external pin connections and it's been OK till the other day 
when all I would get was a click when attempting to start and it sounded like 
the battery was dead.  I checked the battery voltage and it's fine, so I took 
the GPR apart again, cleaned things up, lightly sanded the contact points, and 
DeOxit'd the contact points and external pins and the car started fine for one 
day, but it was back to the click and sounding like the battery is dead.  I 
remembered someone indicating back in March that moisture can get into the GPR 
box, but I sealed the edges w/ RTV the other day.  I'll dig into it again 
tomorrow to see if I can find what the problem is.
Any suggestions?  TIA.

G. M. Brown
Brevard, NC

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