Possibly useful random data:

My W115 300D does an odd thing whereby, after preglow, turning the ignition 
switch to the start position occasionally has no effect at all on the starter. 
No click, nothing. 

I think it is the ground path to the ignition switch, because a) it is more 
frequent when everything is warm/hot, an b) turning off the the key and waiting 
a few seconds, then turning straight through to "start" position usually works. 
The longer you wait between stopping glowing and starting again the better the 
chances it will work. 

Since there's no relationship between glowing and starting on a W115 apart from 
the ignition switch (and harness, of course) I suspect the switch. 

All of this to say: you could have a switch issue as well. The other thing that 
happened on my 300D is the solenoid connection at the starter came loose, with 
obvious effect. 

Good luck!

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> Ah, Ok.... the issue here isn't the GP relay at all most likely.  The glow
> plug system and the starter are mostly independent.  One will function if
> the other is faulty, and neither can bring the other one down.
> Your problem is, in order of likleyhood:
> 1. Bad ground at the Battery, chassis connection, or either end of the
> ground strap to the engine block
> 2. Failing starter solenoid (tap lightly with a hammer to see if it helps)
> 3. Failing ignition switch (unlikely, but could no longer pass enough
> current to the starter solenoid).
> If its really an issue of the battery going dead, then the GP relay could
> still be at fault.  But you'd know this because you'd have to charge the
> battery to get the car to start again.
> Jaime


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