On 28/01/2015 10:12 AM, G. M. Brown via Mercedes wrote:
I've been having a somewhat intermittent problem with my low beam headlights 
turning off seemingly on their own.  It seem to occur when either hitting a 
bump in the road, when using the turn signals, or when using the hi-beam 
flasher so it must be in the multi-purpose stalk.  I've sprayed DeOxit D5 in 
the switch and exercised it in all directions but the problem persists.  My 
local indy tells me that this is a common occurrance and that I need a new 
switch.  What is the list's consensus?  TIA.

G. M. Brown
Brevard, NC

What sort of shape is the car in?
Is this a collector or a beater, or somewhere in between?

If a beater, then my guess is that one could retro fit some other switch in.
Back in the 60's most cars had a pull switch on the dash and a push button on the floor that one kicked with one's foot to dim the lights. That sort of thing is still available and much simpler. Would require re wiring a bit but should not be a big job.

My sister in law had a start function go bad on the multi function switch in a Honda. The switch was more than the car was worth and the rest of the switch worked fine. We wired in a push button. Turn the key to on and then push in the button until the car started and let the button go.
Worked fine and she drove it for years.

Not sure what the inspectors might say if one had to get the car approved. Might be a rule against changing anything??



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