Well, I made it back from Florida in my (new to me) 1990 300SEL.  I love
it!! The 126 is an amazing car.  I drove two 13 hour days putting 1600
miles on the new car.  IT ran perfectly.   I was a little worse for
wear. I went to the doctor yesterday and apparently, I picked up every
bug Florida has to offer.  I have strep throat, pink eye and an ear



I did find out some very interesting information about the car. In 1994,
with 47,000 miles the valve guides/seals were replaced under warranty.
Did MB redesign the valve guides/seals so that they last longer or do I
just wait until it starts burning oil and get them replaced again?  I
also noticed that at the same time, the warranty description said "valve
guides - intake wear - worn out."   How would the intake be involved in



I found out more history of the car. The previous owner bought it on
November 23, 2003 for $10,500 with 77,XXX miles.   Over the next two
years he spent ---BRACE YOURSELF---- over $20,000 fixing this car.  He
only went to Mercedes Benz of Tampa and he replaced just about
everything that could go wrong or did. 


I am still going through all the records to determine just what he did,
it is amazing that someone would spend that kind of money. I have to say
I am glad I am the one that bought it AFTER the work was done.  


Donald H. Snook

1990 300SEL 123K 

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