I changed the new mono valve insert, which I had obtained from the PartsGeek, 
back to the one I had in there previously where one could not regulate the 
temperature via the PBU thumbwheel . . . it would be max heat at the MAX 
position or almost no heat at any other temp setting.  The old mono valve now 
back in place now, get this, I've got regulateable heat via the PBU thumbwheel 
now where the new mono valve insert didn't provide any heat at any PBU setting 
. . . go figure; I'm thankful for miracles no matter in what form they appear.  
I'm gonna' try sending back the new mono valve inserts to the PartsGeek.  I'll 
bet they're Chinese junk as there are no markings and the diameter of the mono 
valve (silver) shaft is rather large which causes quite a tight fit.
Also, in reference to the multi-purpose (turn signal) stalk which I was having 
trouble with in my '84 300D and replaced with one obtained on Ebay where the 
seller indicated that it was a working stalk, I just got done measuring 
continuities of the 14 pin connector in all stalk positions of my original 
stalk and, since I cannot get the lo-beam headlight position to lose continuity 
when gently wiggling the stalk as it had been doing when it was in the car 
previously (Note: I've since done a quite a thorough cleaning , etc. of the 
original stalk while out of the car using acetone and DeOxit . . . maybe that's 
the reason it seems to be working OK?  I'll reinstall it in the car to see what 
happens and try to return the Ebay obtained stalk to the seller, though he has 
not responded yet but I'll follow the Ebay rules and wait 3 days before 
contacting Ebay.
G. M. Brown
Brevard, NC

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