you could buy a tube of the peelable weatherstripping caulk, and seal up the sunroof with that before spending the $117 plus freight. If the leak stops after sealing the sunroof, then you can decide to sunroof or treat it as a Wilton roof.

EPC research indicate three different possible part numbers: 124 780 00 98
is "sunroof seal" for ~$117.  124 782 04 98 is "sunroof weatherstrip front"
for ~$9 and 124 682 00 97 is "sunroof weatherstrip rear" for ~$13.

I'm tempted to order all three.  The seal installed in my car is in two
parts, a front and a rear.

Yesterday after the water test, as I drove the car more and more water
appeared on the floor, so it was continuing to flow out from some body
cavity.  I am going to perform a new test and include a drive around after
wetting each area (windshield drains, doors, and then roof).

Charleston SC

On Sat, May 2, 2015 at 6:01 PM, Max Dillon <> wrote:

 Parking the car pointed uphill will eliminate or greatly reduce the water
 incursion. Water only appears on the passenger side floor.

 Today I checked the sunroof drains (two in front corners), they are both
 clear. I ran weed-wacker cord down each, followed by gently pouring water
 down each.

 Using the garden hose, car parked facing downhill, I ran water down the
 windshield drains: nothing. Water on both right side doors from top edge
 seal down: nothing.

 Sprayed water on the roof, finally got water in the car.

 My theory is the seal around the sunroof is letting too much water past
 and the drains can't keep up. I'm going to replace that seal next.
 Max Dillon
 Charleston SC
 '87 300TD
 '95 E300

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