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i am sorry it for being so vague is the rear driver side hub axle assy it ....has stripped i have never heard any thing like this before i have seen axles actually twisted by heavy acceleration/ engine torque but have
never seen stripped  splines
 mike collins
 1985 500 sec

Well, the hub/flange are the same but you need to get a left side they are different side to side. I can only assume that the half shafts are the same too. I think Rusty carries them for around $400 but better check with him on that. You should probably get new rear wheel bearing kit while you have it down that far. Do you have the pin socket for the hub/flange nut and inverted Torx or double hex( forget which) to remove the axle? The bolt for the end of the axle should come with bearing kit but if not get one and maybe some new axle bolts or circlips.

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