I think the only good thing about having done 28 years of shift work is that those things become transparent.

Bob Rentfro (28 years of 5 week cycle 12 hour rotating shifts...most at the old nuke plant)
'77 300D 148K
'01 VW Beetle TDI 61K
Litchfield Park, AZ

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James Jetton wrote:

> What about the idiot neighbor who insists on running the mower, leaf > blower, weed whacker, etc at 0600? At least the guy with loud pipes is > gone in 60 seconds or so, not so this idiot who mows, blows, whacks for > hours.

Yet another problem with society these days - you get so pissed off at your neighbor but you won't go talk to him about it first. Maybe he doesn't realize he's being a jerk to his neighbors, or maybe his neighbors don't understand it's
the only time he has available to take care of his yard.

But nobody knows anything because nobody's talking to the guy who lives next door!

Can't speak for anyone else, but I (and everyone else on the block)
have definitely talked to MY idiot leaf-blowing neighbor.  He's just
an insensitive cretin with a serious case of OCD that compels him to
fire up the leaf-blower (AND the mower, AND the power edger, etc.)
every day so as to keep his lawn looking like a putting green.

And then the moron has the gall to plaster his Suburban with "support
our troops" magnets...

Alex Chamberlain
'87 300D Turbo

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