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> Sorry, it does not sounds like Shirley is having a run of good luck. Is
> this incident #3 ???

I guess it is incident #3.

- When we were in Carlsbad buying a truck, she tripped and knocked a
  tooth out,

- When she came down to pick me up in Albuquerque, she rolled the '95

- After moving out of our house on 3 April as the new owners were moving
  in, we went to a local bed and breakfast for not quite two weeks. We
  then moved to a rental in a little community named El Rancho. The
  place was quite dirty and the landlord was long on promises and short
  on delivery, so we located our current rental, south-southeast of
  Santa Fe and moved here on 23 April. On 28 April, she was on a step
  stool putting things away in the cabinet over the stove. On the way
  down, she missed the bottom step and fell backward onto the saltillo
  tile floor. She was transported to St. Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe,
  where we found she had fractured her pelvis (right rami and right
  acetabular fractures). She was on a floor for three days and then was
  discharged from the floor and accepted into the Inpatient Rehabilitation
  Unit. She was there until 17 May, doing physical therapy for 2 hours/day
  and occupational therapy for 1 hour/day. Here at home, she has been
  getting in-home visits by a nurse, a physical therapist, and an
  occupational therapist. She has progressed significantly, with the
  nurse and occupational therapist saying they don't need to see her

  I started my class at CNM in Albuquerque on 26 May. I get up at 0420,
  leave the house at 0545, am in class 0700 - 1430, drive back home,
  doing any errands on the way, have dinner and do a little studying if
  I have time, and _try_ to get to bed at 2000.

So, it's a stressful time in our lives.



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