Curly McLain via Mercedes wrote:
This is in general, not MB Specific: I don't know where the break is, somewhere around mid 90s to 2000, but post 2000 gas engines need thin oil, and 15-50 may do damage, unless it is really worn. most are 0W-20 and some are 0W-30.

The viscosity requirements in the owner's manual are the same old ones we're used to in 1980s engines. I can run 15W50 down to 15°F, and that's probably assuming dino oil. Not supposed to use xW30 above 50°.

I'm just trying to figure out which spec. It seems like everybody uses 229.3 or 229.5, BEVO doesn't currently tell which spec sheet applies to engines as old as M119.

Right about now, I'm tempted to dump in 5 qts of super high zinc/phosphorus 15W50 and top it off with the 10W40 high mileage. It's good to know that the high mileage has more of the good stuff in it than the regular 10W40.

Or I can fill it all the way with 15W50 now and plan on changing to 0W40 or 5W40 if I still have the car in December, or I can stick it in the garage for the winter with the 2.3-16 and not worry about putting winter oil in it.



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