THe engines that call for 0W-x oil have tighter clearances and are made for the light oil. if the mfgr call for 0W-20, that is what should be used. some call for 0W-30. the 0W-40 may be the spec for some, but none I have seen. TO me it is an attempt to cover more vehicles with one oil.

My 09 Brand X calls for 0W-20.

I dunno what MB calls for after 87.  That is the newest MB I have.

Interesting thread. I'll be buying oil for the S430 shortly. I run 15W-50 in everything here, mainly due to the heat. I'm wondering if that's not such a good idea in the S430?


On May 31, 2015, at 11:52 AM, Curly McLain via Mercedes <> wrote:

 0w-40 Euro car formula.  I'd use that in all your Mercedes.
 Max Dillon
 Charleston SC
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 > Not for OM61x and OM60x engines.  too thin


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