You could pop an engine out of a 240d in the thing. There isn't enough actual metal in that old datsun to hold it back any. the thing would be a screamer :-)


Rich Thomas wrote:
So in my dad's barn is a 70something Datsun wagon that belonged to my grandfather, and when he got sick/died my dad stuck it in the barn where it has sat for 15 or 20 years. I was visiting the other day and dusted it off and looked at it. It is quite good shape body-wise, the interior smells really bad from all the inhabitants over the years. It was running when parked, probably would not be hard to get running again. But that was not really my thought...

It is a little front-wheel drive thing, nothing special, but kinda funky in its way. Got me thinking that doing a rat rod job on it might be kinda fun at some point, put some power in it, rear-wheel drive, weld in some frame to hold it all, etc. An old rat rod ricer! Then I got thinking that rather than the standard 350, an old Benz engine/tranny would be kinda cool. Probably not a diesel unless I did one of those Finnish mods to give it stupid power. And it would have to have a boomer sound system and wiper/underneath neon and skulls (or maybe Godzilla heads). And a couple of wings, gotta have wings.

The car has a 4 ft track and an 8ft wheelbase, more or less, a sheet of plywood size! Not a lot of room to stick much under the hood, but those older SLs really cram a lot in not much more space, if even. And 190s and such are not a lot bigger. Hmmm... A 6 or an 8, maybe a 5?

Any thoughts? (I realize this could be viewed as really stupid, or whacked, or weird, and I agree!) Donations?

(This is a better discussion than loud motorcycle mufflers)


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